What we do

We endeavour to bring content that impacts and resonates with all audiences. Our services include producing television programmes, documentaries, videos, commercials and teledramas.

Talk Shows

Talk shows are a globally sought source of obtaining the opinions and views of various individuals. Bearing this in mind, we at Hari Global seek to bring the best talk shows possible, with a production scale on par with international standards. Our shows ‘Helidarauwa and standby with Lahiru’ are existing proof of our work.


People have always been interested in learning more on the unknown and obscure facts of the world, thus looking for documentaries to quench this growing thirst. Here at Hari Global, we endeavour to relate the best and thought-provoking stories, through our documentaries. The most recent done in partnership with the ‘International Media Support’ (IMS), on the darker side of the pandemic: ‘The Shadow Pandemic’.

Music Videos

Art comes in many forms, and music being one with the ability to universally connect us. Here at Hari Global, we possess the ability and creative talent to produce music videos that resonate with viewers both young and old


Having a powerful connection with one’s audience is key when producing a video for any given purpose. Keeping this thought in mind, we at Hari Global strive to bring out video productions that not only rack in views, but also impacts audiences from around the world.


Conducting and managing an event has always been a challenge, from start to finish. At Hari Global, we possess the knowledge and experience of successfully managing events. Public forums, seminars, training sessions are some events under our belt.


Teledramas have always offered people that slight escape from reality, be it a long day after work or enjoying the evening with one’s family. Finding teledramas with a captivating story and strong production power has always been an obstacle, not with us though. The team at Hari Global is ever ready to take on the task of producing teledramas that captivate both local and international viewers.